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Aang: I need to ask you something.
Katara: What?
Aang: Please… come closer.
Katara: What is it?
Aang: Will you go penguin sledding with me?

This Kataang parallel is probably my most favorite. I can imagine that Aang’s last words were “Will you go penguin sledding with me?” to Katara. She brought him back to life twice, first in the iceberg then second when Azula shot him. Her face was was the first and last thing he ever saw. He probably died in her arms, can you just imagine that Katara desperately trying to heal Aang when his health was failing but both of them knew what was about to come? I can imagine that Aang died smiling when she said “Yes.”

Anyways, just my headcanon. 

(Source: avatarparallels)

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